Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Homework Blogging: Useful or Overkill?

Some students at Edina High School may notice a change at the beginning of the 2007-2008 school year, internet blogs. Internet blogs have been used for years by millions, to connect with family, friends, and other bloggers with common interests. To most, this pop culture trend is strictly a social connection, but in attempts to bring the technology "to the 21st century" the Edina High School administration has proposed the use of internet blogs in the classroom. These blogs are being used for all grades, and most classes. Students will post their homework assignments online instead of bringing them to class to be turned in. To some this is an easier way of completing homework, and avoids wasting paper. Is it too much for even today's computer savvy teens? At what point does the school draw a line between what's appropriate to keep outside of the classroom? Traditionally, these types of social utilities have been prohibited while using district computers. They are now becoming the trendy thing to use in classrooms, and time will tell if Edina's attempts to bring the curriculum up to date will actually benefit the students or go back to being an out of school trend.


Mr. Hatten said...

Alicia: Great work on your blog. You look like you know what you're doing. Did you find it ironic you were doing homework on a blog talking about doing homework on blogs? Funny. I thought you did a nice job of writing and capturing what's going on.

KeniaC said...

Hola Alicia! Como estas?
Loved your blog!
I defiantly agree that it’s easier to do our homework on a blog. Now we don’t have the “my dog ate my homework” or “my printer doesn’t work” excuse. Blogs might have their pros and cons. But one thing that I do like about doing our work on blogs, is the fact that we can get the opinion of others.

mn girl said...

hey alicia!
i totally agree with you! We should be able to post our homework on blogs, because it would be more organized and for all of the reasons you stated. That's a really great idea! :)amelia

Annie O said...

Well written!! I couldn't agree more with what you were saying! Its so dumb that they let us use the blogs, then you can't even access them on the servers at school. Well unless you're a teacher, I suppose.